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What we provide:

Blauch Energy Consulting, LLC. provides a wide range of consulting expertise targeted to the oil and gas industry. As an industry pioneer with over 32 years of diversified industry experience and leading edge technical development, the principal owner, Matt Blauch can help direct and solve many of your oilfield technical and systems issues or concerns and help achieve your desired business results. In today's oil price climate, reducing cost and driving efficiency gains are keys to success. Technology and innovation have never been needed more to achieve such drastic changes needed to stay profitable.

Bringing to bear a unique blend of product development, geologic, managment, chemistry, innovation and leading edge technology experience, Blauch Energy Consulting, LLC can provide a unique skill set to any organization involved in the complex oil and gas development supply chain.

Specific areas of expertise include development and optimization of hydraulic fracturing chemicals, frac sand selection, supply and logistics, oil well cementing additives, novel approaches to systems optimization, hydraulic fracturing design, shale oil and gas development strategies, formation assessment, lithotyping and rock / fluid interaction assessment, acidizing design and formulations, scale prevention, water management and water re-use.

Blauch Energy Consulting, LLC additionally provides expertise in ever evolving and complex environmental and regulatory and risk mitigation challenges facing the oil and gas industry. Specialties include, environmental strategy development, “green” chemistry and products, fracturing chemical disclosures, Frac Focus and federal and state requirements. Evolving technologies include post-frac remedial treatment designs, product selection and fluid formulations and innovative well completions strategies.

Assisting both small and large companies alike, Blauch Energy Consulting, LLC assists organizations in these challenging times with workflow optimization, systems integration, enterprise systems development and executive consulting.

On the high technology side, services are offered in the areas of shale prospect evlauation, trace element studies using novel Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA) methods, ICP-MS, isotope studies, flowback and produced water analytical studies, produced water fractuing, shale lithotyping and petrologic evaluations. New technology developments also include methods for enhancing well decline curves, optimizing hydraulic fracturing costs through new technology applications and new frac sand technologies for optimal production performance among others.

Expert testimony can also be provided, especially in high value, high stakes cases.

Blauch Energy Consulting, LLC brings together the best talent available in a collaborative team environment and the skill sets needed to provide a successful outcome for your team.